EOFY SALE up to 30% off Photoshoot & paintings
EOFY SALE up to 30% off Photoshoot & paintings



Our aim is to transform & encourage what you love about Sparkling and show you ways to low your ‘Glitter imprint’.

Every Glitter you obtain from DAMED, you can reuse, recycle and low your ‘Glitter imprint’ by taking the right steps we can teach you via Tutorials and our New Blog.

You have the creative freedom to choose between RECYCLABLE Glitter practice and our Plant-Based BIODEGRADABLE Glitter products. You are apart of the building blocks to responsible Glitter use and sharing & it SPREADS here.

For ethical treatment of water systems; dry remove your glitter into your designated glitter receptacle. Collecting your used glitter is not only pretty (in a clear jar) but is ethical practice and can be reused.