EOFY SALE up to 30% off Photoshoot & paintings
EOFY SALE up to 30% off Photoshoot & paintings


DAMED glitter products derive from the phrase “To get Damed”, as to, “Be Mad Damed” as an extension of Mad Dame’s glitter adorned photo shoot portraits spread across the World.

DAMED Glitter products are hand made with love and intention. You are apart of the Glitter Army, that spreads love and joy and transformation when you wear and share the glitter love. 

Join DAMED in creating glitter cleaning and glitter reusable solutions.

Vegan & cruelty free products. Not tested on animals only unicorns.

DAMED products are created and packaged in Melbourne, Australia using local manufacturers & some imported materials.

#getdamed: To have an outer skin created to reflect your inner 


Mad Dame is a international award winning Photographer and experienced Make Up Artist.

Creating her first Full body Glitter body art in 2012 for her own DAMED Magazine Issue 01 released in April 2013. The craze for this magical Full Body Glitter experience exploded. Mad Dame has travelled to USA, Canada, Tokyo, Cambodia, Indonesia and all over Australia Sharing the GET DAMED Experience.

Mad Dame designs each individual Glitter colour like a curated painting, to emit a magical reflection of your inner expression.

Now formed into a small pocket size gift for you to enjoy, share & spread inspiration!